Jan Kühle


VS Code extension: SQL tagged template literals

A VS Code extension, which enables syntax highlighting for template literals tagged with an sql function in JavaScript and TypeScript files.

It works with simple tagged template literals as well as with an sql function returning a template tag function.

In TypeScript files it also enables SQL syntax checking and type checking for parameters using the typescript-sql-tagged-template-plugin. Type checking requires configuration of the database schema. You can have a look at the plugin documentation for details.

GIF of code snippet showing SQL syntax and type errors

Interesting bits about the grammar

  • To debug the grammer, check the language scopes using the - Developer: Inspect TM Scopes command.
  • If patterns[].name does not start with string.js, the code matched by the pattern (beginning and end) are not highlighted as JavaScript code.
  • The keys in beginCaptures and endCaptures refer to the capture groups in the corresponding regex, where 0 refers to the entire match. By assigning capture groups a name, they can be highlighted accordingly. E.g. using entity.name.function.ts makes the string matched by the capture group be highlighted as a function name.
  • The pattern source.ts#template-substitution-element refers to the variables in the template literal, e.g. ${userId}. It should probably be the first pattern in the list to ensure these are highlighted properly.
  • A pattern cannot span multiple lines. To match something across multiple lines, you have to use nested patterns; good explanation.
  • The TypeScript language definition can be useful to lookup and use existing patterns. The sql() function syntax in this repository makes use of some of the patterns used in a #function-call.

Publish new version

(For maintainers)

npm install -g vsce
vsce publish


This is based on several great existing extensions:

  • https://github.com/mjbvz/vscode-comment-tagged-templates
  • https://github.com/ForbesLindesay/vscode-sql-template-literal
  • https://github.com/Ladeiras/vscode-sql-template-literal