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An Azure Application Insights exporter implementation for OpenTelemetry Rust.

Disclaimer: This is not an official Microsoft product.


Configure a OpenTelemetry pipeline using the Application Insights exporter and start creating spans (this example requires the opentelemetry-http/reqwest feature):

use opentelemetry::trace::Tracer as _;

fn main() {
    let connection_string = std::env::var("APPLICATIONINSIGHTS_CONNECTION_STRING").unwrap();
    let tracer = opentelemetry_application_insights::new_pipeline_from_connection_string(connection_string)
        .expect("valid connection string")

    tracer.in_span("main", |_cx| {});

See documentation for more:

Application Insights integration


Huge thanks goes to Denis Molokanov for the amazing appinsights crate. Check it out if you want a more direct integration with Application Insights.


The only official documentation I could find is this one. Follow the links to see the data model and endpoint description.

Can I send telemetry to the Application Insights portal?

We recommend you use our SDKs and use the SDK API. There are variants of the SDK for various platforms. These SDKs handle buffering

-- https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/azure-monitor/faq#can-i-send-telemetry-to-the-application-insights-portal