Jan Kühle


Car Report

Car Report is an android app, which lets you enter refuelings and other income and expenses of your cars and displays nice reports. The following are currently included:

  1. Fuel consumption
  2. Fuel price
  3. Mileage
  4. Costs in general

You can add reminders based on mileage and time for car related recurring actions, e.g. general inspection once a year.

It provides synchronization with Dropbox and Google Drive and has basic backup/restore and CSV import/export functionality.


Car Report on Play Store (This is the full version.)

Car Report on F-Droid (This is a special FOSS version without Google Drive sync.)


The app uses gradle, so to build it just open a command line, switch to the app directory and execute one of the following commands.

# Full version
gradle assembleFullRelease

# FOSS version
gradle assembleFossRelease

Note: It seems gradle will try to download the Google Play Services libraries in a FOSS build, although they are not used for compiling. If you don't have these libraries available, you need to temporary remove all lines prefixed with fullCompile from the build.gradle file in the app folder. See this comment for more information.